Month: January 2015

Threatening MRSA Infection Increases In Neighborhoods

Studies show that the MRSA bacteria which was once confined to hospitals and other healthcare facilities is emerging and spreading in communities and is now affecting prisons, schools etc. People who haven’t been to hospitals are now being affected by this bacteria. Cases of this bacteria infection outside health care facilities is now common and is more than what the government stats suggest. Because this is an antibiotic-resistant infection we wonder, is mrsa possibly curable?

The bacteria affects people in various ways. It could be in form of boils or chronic pneumonia and is responsible for over 20000 deaths. The authorities are finding it is difficult to prevent this bacteria as they are unable to detect and track cases of this bacteria.

To help curb the threat of this bacteria, USA TODAY reviewed data concerning this infections and found out that :

Most of the MRSA bacteria cases are uncounted and are not included in government statistics because some of the mild cases which are treated outside the hospital are mostly not reported.

It also found out that there is a rising number of this infections in kids and youths aging between 3 months and 17 years. This is attributed to kids brushing against each other at school or touching of contaminated locker rooms.

Another discovery was that the officials have not developed strategies that can help to reduce this infections.The government does not collect data to know where this cases are prevalent to help reduce it.

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